Sunday, February 27, 2011

Worms Of The Earth : The Lesser Ophidian Gate EP [2010]

It's gratifying in the digital age to see an artist rise through the mire of any genre he or she may be associated with and focus on improvement of style and technique. Such has been the case with Dan Barrett and his Worms of the Earth project; with a plethora of web-only releases showcasing an abrasive style of harsh industrial and power noise, it wasn't until his official debut in 2008, The Angels of Prostitution, that Barrett's musical path was set, marking an improved production and compositional ability that stood out as a work of unbridled intensity and aggression. With his sophomore release, The Lesser Ophidian Gate, Worms of the Earth continues to explore the darker, more mysterious and dismal recesses of the musical psyche.

Equal parts industrial, power noise, and dark ambient, The Lesser Ophidian Gate takes the formulas set forth by the previous album and pushes them into a much more uniform direction.

1 To Dawn The Visage Of The Serpent 8:17
2 Traversing The Saurian Abyss 6:55
3 Passing Through The Deep 6:02
4 Ajna (Viewing The Bodiless Realm) 7:39
5 -- 0:21
6 Untitled (Trapped In Bardo) 8:46
7 And I've Become The Demon (Vicious Alliance Remix) 6:29

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