Thursday, February 24, 2011

Karjalan Sissit : Karjalasta Kajahtaa [2004]

Karjalan Sissit delivers a monumental album that is akin to sitting through a classic symphonic work of music. Karjalan Sissit manages to expand orchestration, choirs and industrial sounds into a massive chronicle of war, history and humanity. The music encompasses diversity in sound and emotion whilst staying true to the acquired sound that has previously launched Karjalan Sissit into the spotlight as one of the most talented in this field of music. The album is really a journey through the human psyche and the experience of war and speaking of it in parts does not do it justice. The musical journey is accented by moments of martial fervor when drums and choirs seem swallow the world in exalted glory and mourning. Other moments bring the listener in closer and abandon the glory for exploration of the aftermath. The music and emotions communicated are complex and compelling.


01. Heili Karjalasta (2:48)
02. Sika Setä (3:16)
03. Kunnia Isänmaa (5:43)
04. Elämän Kovat Koulut (3:36)
05. ESS (3:05)
06. ...Soon The Stroke Strikes (2:13)
07. Jesus Ställde In (4:53)
08. Haulikolla Hommat Järjestykseen (3:26)
09. Tulipunaruusut (1:46)
10. Kapitulieren? Nein! (5:39)
11. Avioero (6:00)
12. Juokse Sinä Humma (3:19)


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