Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tholen : Neuropol [2010]

Credit to Tholen for justifying this elaborate album description by creating a suitable soundtrack. Neuropol is as desolate as you might expect, with waves of bass and drawn-out drones placed in such a way to preserve a feel of gaping emptiness within the soundscape, occasionally broken up with the soft cycle of hydraulic machinery or the subdued whispers of Neuropol’s inhabitants.

The opening piece is strong, with thick echoes of angelic choir put in the unlikely accompaniment of a nuclear reactor buzz. Neuropol is most engrossing at busier moments like these, where sounds either melt into one another like fragile mental images or grate alongside each other in chilling (and cleverly placed) juxtaposition. Quieter passages can occasionally expose some of Tholen’s more blatant techniques to achieve “twisted paranoia”-type vibe...

1 The Are Watching Through My Eyes 10:14
2 Skeletons Of Steel 8:45
3 Neuropol : Underground Infrastructure 8:53
4 Cryogenic Ceremonies 8:54
5 Among The Tormented 6:36
6 Tiefe - Floating Corpses Odor 8:39
7 Becomming (Segmented Minds) 10:56
8 As All Hope Was Dying

A Cyclic Law release...


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