Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Atrium Carceri FREE DOWNLOAD

Atrium Carceri is one of Sweden's premier dark ambient artists.
Highly recommended!

Cellblock [2003]

DOWNLOAD LINK : c e l l b l o c k

Seishinbyouin [2004]

DOWNLOAD LINK : s e i s h i n b y o u i n

Kapnobatai [2005]

DOWNLOAD LINK : k a p n o b a t a i

Ptahil [2007]

DOWNLOAD LINK : p t a h i l

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Raison d'être : Metamorphyses [2006] FREE DOWNLOAD

"Raison d'Etre. Everyone that knows about the dark ambient genre's existence knows this band. Some say it's the best band in the genre, some say it's too ethereal to be good, but the truth is that Raison d'Etre has been releasing outstanding records for years now. Not only outstanding, but genre-defining.

Metamorphyses is — don't say you didn't expect it — amazing as well. It does, however, show an even deeper change when compared to the old stuff. Instead of the church-sounding ambient of the early releases, here we have a far more drone-based, if not industral, ambient soundscape. Rhythm isn't as important now, opting instead for textures and atmosphere while still retaining coherency.

The album is divided into six long parts for a total of 55 minutes. Another difference related to this is that the album flows like if it were just one long track, evolving and changing, and not like six thematically different songs.

The various degrees of the build-up of tension throughout the six tracks play a major role in the album. The music usually starts calm and quiet, and logically turns loud and noisy, only to turn calm again, like a constant cycle. While predictable, this formula proves itself to be effective when combined with Raison d'Etre's new sound. It is, in a way, similar to the way post-rock works: you need to listen to the complete thing to really know what's going on.

Another main difference is the not so constant usage of samples. Samples were used, that's obvious, but now feedback and machine-like sounds are central, leaving sampling as just a secondary process. This, coupled with the minor role rhythm plays in Metamorphyses, makes the album more of a (non-metal) drone one than a dark ambient one. However, fans of both will enjoy the album as it fits both genres.

Atmospherically, Metamorphyses is less rigid than most ambient, relying in pure ambience and not in assaulting the listener with two thousand ideas at the same time. Yes, you could say it's aesthetically simpler than the old Raison d’Etre albums, but it's certainly better this way.

Raison d'Etre still represents what's happening to the whole dark ambient genre: turning less rhythmic and more avant-garde. From the outside, it looks like it's turning like a modern, synthetic, musique concrete, without the whole tape processing. Its overall quality isn't dropping, nor is Raison d'Etre's. (8.9/10) "


DOWLOAD LINK : Part1 / Part2 [RapidShare]
......................... F u l l [MediaFire]

Friday, April 25, 2008

Imminent Starvation : Human Dislocation [1997] FREE DOWNLOAD


" This album is full of brutal percussion, massive amounts of distorted rhythms and machine noises. Tracks like "Lost Highway 45" really stand-out as top-notch rhythmic/power noise pieces. Building on various machine noises, hard pounding percussion and drone filled synths, "Lost Highway 45" pushes you along at a heart pounding fever inducing pulse. The track "Rumours" relies on gritty drum sounds and a funny little rhythm. This track gives me images of tiny machines working in a factory in unison with the beat and sounds of metal scraping and being beaten into submission. "Dislocation 2&3" is probably the fastest and percussion heavy track on the disc. Mountains of distortion collapse around a pulsating machine beat, accented with bits of noise and some great electronic sounds. I can see this track really destroying dance floors around the world causing spasm-like body distortions as club-goers try to keep up with the pace of this monster of a power noise track. If drone filled ambience is your thing, you'll enjoy the track "Infected," which has a very dark soundtrack feel to it. very creepy and indeed interesting. With sporadic drum beats (reminiscent of the type of drum sound used in the start of the movie akira) this track will have you mellowed out in no time. I love the contrast in tracks on this disc. One minute you're dancing around like a madman to the pulsating beats and rhythms the next you're relaxing to the sounds of dark eerie soundscapes. An absolutely brilliant disc and a much needed addition to any power noise fans cd collection."

NOTE : highly recommended for those curious about power noise subgenre !


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

LEÆTHER STRIP : Solitary Confinement [1992]

MP3 | 320 kbps

01. Mortal Thoughts.......................5:24
02. Strap Me Down......................5:38 [Full track download]
03. I Am Your Conscience...............4:44 [Full track download]
04. Nothing Seen, Nothing Done...4:54 [Full track download]
05. The Dance Of Deception...........3:30
06. Evil Speaks.............................3:53
07. Adrenalin Rush........................5:06
08. Crash Flight 232/92................ 4:57
09. Croatia..................................6:23
10. Red Meat Attraction................6:02
11. Jante's Revenge.....................4:11
12. AntiUS (Psycho Strip Edit)........6:24

This album maybe old but THIS is Claus Larsen's genre-defining, influential album which has a tremendous impact on the Electronic Industrial genre. This could be called one of the pioneers of the Aggrotech/Dark, Harsh EBM subgenre movement, along with early yelworC albums. The album combines the best elements of innovative Industrial artists at the time such as Front 242's trademark EBM basslines, Skinny Puppy's and Klinik's harsh distorted vocals + dark, haunting melodies, Front Line Assembly's appregiated Halloween-soundtrack-like synth lines, and Ministry's brutal drum machines. The later-generation bands such as :wumpscut:, Suicide Commando, and other Aggrotech/Dark, Harsh EBM wannabes just follow the path this innovative album has created. Another history has been carved into stone.........


DOWNLOAD LINK : solitary confinement >> FULL ALBUM!!!!!!!!!

Ah Cama-Sotz [1997-1999] FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD

"There are many ways one might describe Ah Cama-Sotz. Electronic, ambient, atmospheric, and experimental are just a few. But, the music is more than its sound. It is the mood and emotion the music evokes. Klapholz 's earlier works were quite rhythmic and broke into ritualistic ambient. As the music evolved and changed over time, it continued down its dark path and became even more doomy and haunting. Themes continue to deal with some very heavy issues, and touch on the dark side of mankind. The ugly side of religion, death, plagues and war. It is the stuff mankind is constantly causing and fighting at the same time. Should you choose to listen to Ah Cama-Sotz, rest assured you will find something dark and sometimes sinister waiting for you."

La Peste [1997]

DOWNLOAD : peste


Epithaphe [1997]

DOWNLOAD : epithaphe

P/W : vampi


Guilty /Audiowall EP (with PAL) [1999]

DOWNLOAD : guilty

Poison [1999] | Vinyl, 10", Limited Edition

DOWNLOAD : poison

P/W : vampi


Murder Themes [1999]

DOWNLOAD : murder

P/W : vampi


Baal [1999] | Vinyl, 7", Limited Edition


Terra Infernalis [1999]

DOWNLOAD : infernalis

Friday, April 18, 2008

LEÆTHER STRIP : Civil Disobedience (2008) FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD

CLAUS LARSEN [Leaether Strip | Klutae]

  1. Civil disobedience
  2. The Damaged people
  3. When blood runs dark
  4. Bite until you taste blood
  5. Jagtvej 69
  6. Going nowhere
  7. I said i'm sorry
  8. Pissing on my territory
  9. It hurts doesn't it
  10. One day
  11. The devils daughter
  1. A whore for Jesus
  2. I Wear black on the inside
  3. Machineries of joy
  4. Snakebite
  5. Soul collector
  6. Could ya did ya
  7. In the arms of a demon
  8. One more reason
  9. The cradle of death
  10. Stains
  11. The evil in putin's eyes

>>DOWNLOAD LINK : part1 | part2 | part3

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Underneath The Laughter [1993]

DOWNLOAD LINK : laughter

Positive Depression EP [1994]

DOWNLOAD LINK : depression

Serenade For The Dead [1994]

DOWNLOAD LINK :  part1 | part2

Legacy of hate and lust [1995]


Rebirth of Agony [1996]



Winterkälte : Disturbance [2004] FREE DOWNLOAD

DOWNLOAD LINK : disturbance
PASSWORD : scumdrum

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


"Diary of Dreams is a German electronic goth music group. The lead singer and founding member Adrian Hates has produced most of the albums by himself or with minimal help from others. He rarely uses a full band, except when he is on tour.

Adrian Hates was originally a classically trained guitarist and pianist, and subsquently bassist of Garden of Delight. He initiated the Diary of Dreams project in the late 1980s, taking the name from one of his early classical guitar compositions, 'Tagebuch der Träume'. The first album, 'Cholymelan', appeared in 1994 on the Dion Fortune label.

Encouraged by this success, Adrian formed his own label Accession and released a string of albums over the following years, building a loyal fanbase each step of the way. The second album 'End of Flowers' was released in 1996, expanding on the darkwave sound of the debut. 'Bird Without Wings' followed a year later, whilst the more experimental work 'Psychoma?' arrived in 1998.

The first sign of consolidation came in 1999, when a compilation album 'Moments of Bloom' appeared, containing two reworked tracks from each album. The next two albums 'One of 18 Angels' and 'Freak Perfume' (plus its companion EP 'PaniK Manifesto') made greater use of electronic rhythms, resulting in greater club play and wider recognition for the band.

Their 2004 'Nigredo' (a concept album inspired by a mythology the band designed themselves) saw a move back towards the more subtle, sparse concepts of old, but still featuring bursts of their more recent, danceable sound. Songs from the Nigredo tour were later released on the live CD 'aLive' and the companion DVD 'Nine In Numbers'. The most recent Diary of Dreams album 'Nekrolog 43' was released in 2007, offering a greater variety of moods and concepts than previous works."

Cholymelan [1994]



End of Flowers [1996]


Bird Without Wings [1997]

http://rapidshare.com/files/111095171/DOD97.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/111097606/DOD97.part2.rar

Psychoma [1998]


Moments of Bloom [1999]


One of 18 Angels [2000]


NOTE : recommended for newbies or those curious about this great band

Freak Perfume [2002]

[MP3] http://rapidshare.com/files/109069063/2002_-_Freak_Perfume__320_.part1.rar
[MP3] http://rapidshare.com/files/109068398/2002_-_Freak_Perfume__320_.part2.rar

Mirror >> [MP3] http://rapidshare.com/users/GGTJEJ

[FLAC] http://rapidshare.com/users/BBLTLG

Nigredo [2004]

[MP3] http://rapidshare.com/files/153394198/Nigredo.by.Scarlet.rar

[FLAC] http://rapidshare.com/users/LM241I

aLive [2005] LIVE ALBUM


Nekrolog 43 [2007]

[MP3] http://rapidshare.com/users/MPCVK7

[FLAC] http://rapidshare.com/users/1X1NHN


1. Nekrolog 43 - (7:05)
2. The Plague - (4:54)
3. Son of A Thief - (5:30)
4. Tears of Joy - (5:20)
5. Unwanted - (4:18)
6. Matching Lives - (6:59)
7. Remedy Child - (4:56)
8. Malice - (5:10)
9. The Darkest of All Hours - (4:18)
10. Congratulations - (6:41)
11. Hypocryptickal - (5:36)
12. Allone - (4:08)
13. The Valley - (6:40)


DOWNLOAD LINK :  rapidshare

Monday, April 14, 2008

Enigma : MCMXC a.D.[1990] FREE DOWNLOAD

1 (00:02:07) Voice of Enigma
2 (00:04:15) Principles of Lust: Sadeness
3 (00:04:48) Principles of Lust: Find Love
4 (00:02:49) Principles of Lust: Sadeness (Reprise)
5 (00:04:29) Callas Went Away
6 (00:04:50) Mea Culpa
7 (00:01:49) Voice & the Snake
8 (00:04:29) Knocking on Forbidden Doors
9 (00:02:11) Back to the Rivers of Belief: Way to Eternity
10 (00:04:16) Sadeness (Mediation)
11 (00:03:29) Mea Culpa (Fading Shades)


Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Depeche Mode : Black Celebration [1986] FREE DOWNLOAD

01. Black Celebration
02. Fly On The Windscreen-Final
03. A Question Of Lust
04. Sometimes
05. It Doesn't Matter Two
06. A Question Of Time
07. Stripped
08. Here Is The House
09. World Full Of Nothing
10. Dressed In Black
11. New Dress



Depeche Mode : Music for the Masses [1987] FREE DOWNLOAD

01. Never Let Me Down Again
02. Things You Said
03. Strangelove
04. Sacred
05. Little 15
06. Behind the Wheel
07. I Want You Now
08. To Have And To Hold
09. Nothing
10. Pimpf




01. Pimpf
02. Behind the Wheel
03. Strangelove
04. Sacred
05. Something to do
06. Blasphemous Rumours
07. Stripped
08. Somebody
09. Things You Said

01. Black Celebration
02. Shake the Disease
03. Nothing
04. Pleasure Little Treasure
05. People Are People
06. A Question of Time
07. Never Let Me Down Again
08. A Question of Lust
09. Master and Servant
10. Just Can't Get Enough
11. Everything Counts


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Enigma : Voyageur [2003] FREE DOWNLOAD

01. From East To West
02. Voyageur
03. Incognito
04. Page Of Cups
05. Boum-Boum
06. Total Eclipse Of The Moon
07. Look Of Today
08. In The Shadow, In The Light
09. Weightless
10. The Piano
11. Following The Sun


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Enigma: Mystic Mixes [2000] FREE DOWNLOAD

Track List:
1 (00:05:52) TNT for the Brain (Night Girl Remix)
2 (00:04:57) Sadeness (Mutilation UK Mix)
3 (00:03:57) Mea Culpa (Orthodoxy Mix)
4 (00:07:23) The Eyes of Truth (Light Creator Mix)
5 (00:06:43) Gravity of Love (Righd Voice Club Mix)
6 (00:05:22) Light of your Smile (Short Remix)
7 (00:03:55) Modern Crusaders (Distinction Mix)
8 (00:06:18) Gravity of Love (Scourge Club Mix)
9 (00:06:18) Mea Culpa (Fade to Spirit Mix)
10 (00:03:10) Endless Quest (Mysterious Mix)
11 (00:05:37) The Eyes of Truth (Deep Bass Club Remix)
12 (00:05:04) Sadeness (Disillusion Remix)

DOWNLOAD LINK: mystic mix

PASSWORD: http://mussiqa.blogspot.com

Enigma: The Dusted Variations Bonus CD FREE DOWNLOAD

Track List:
1 Hello And Welcome (The Single)
2 The Child In Us
3 Age Of Loneliness
4 The Eyes Of Truth
5 The Rivers Of Belief
6 Endless Quest
7 Sadeness (Part I)
8 Voyageur
9 Beyond The Invisible

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