Friday, April 25, 2008

Imminent Starvation : Human Dislocation [1997] FREE DOWNLOAD


" This album is full of brutal percussion, massive amounts of distorted rhythms and machine noises. Tracks like "Lost Highway 45" really stand-out as top-notch rhythmic/power noise pieces. Building on various machine noises, hard pounding percussion and drone filled synths, "Lost Highway 45" pushes you along at a heart pounding fever inducing pulse. The track "Rumours" relies on gritty drum sounds and a funny little rhythm. This track gives me images of tiny machines working in a factory in unison with the beat and sounds of metal scraping and being beaten into submission. "Dislocation 2&3" is probably the fastest and percussion heavy track on the disc. Mountains of distortion collapse around a pulsating machine beat, accented with bits of noise and some great electronic sounds. I can see this track really destroying dance floors around the world causing spasm-like body distortions as club-goers try to keep up with the pace of this monster of a power noise track. If drone filled ambience is your thing, you'll enjoy the track "Infected," which has a very dark soundtrack feel to it. very creepy and indeed interesting. With sporadic drum beats (reminiscent of the type of drum sound used in the start of the movie akira) this track will have you mellowed out in no time. I love the contrast in tracks on this disc. One minute you're dancing around like a madman to the pulsating beats and rhythms the next you're relaxing to the sounds of dark eerie soundscapes. An absolutely brilliant disc and a much needed addition to any power noise fans cd collection."

NOTE : highly recommended for those curious about power noise subgenre !

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