Saturday, May 28, 2016

Greyhound ‎: Inner Noise Level [2016]

01 – Loss
02 – Moving Machines
03 – Lead the Way
04 – Inner Noise Level
05 – Insect
06 – Pulse State
07 – Pure Menace
08 – Cold Floor
09 – Candle
10 – Crash
11 – Illusion of Freedom
12 – Rising Anger
13 – Free
14 – Flesh
15 – Come to Rest
16 – Right Here

With their sixth album for HANDS Greyhound manage to stay true to their purebred rhythm 'n noise approach and yet take a surprisingly serene turn: The noise level is not only a set reality it is perceived on the inside instigated by 16 tracks that are stripped down to their essentials stubbornly repetitive and deadly efficient. Tapping deep into the consciousness of the genre this album is adequately described as sounding old school albeit in a contemporary crushing production. Tune in and re-calibrate your inner noise level! After 15 years on the scene having shared the festival stages with all the big names of the rhythm 'n noise circuit its fair enough to count Greyhound among them. Also its perfectly legitimate for Greyhound to stray from the trademark unmistakable wall of noise sound in its pure form and allow for some reminiscence: On Inner Noise Level you may well discover suggestions of the galvanizing looped sound and analogue grit of Esplendor Geometrico (Inner Noise Level Crash Pulse State Candle) or the exacerbated high frequencies of the early Rephlex Records style (Cold Floor). You may also indulge in gritty bass riffs (Pure Menace) klinikal electro sounds (Free) and pure moshpit agitation (Moving Machines Right Here). Although appearing decidedly more minimal than the noise-heavy predecessor Prototype Greyhounds new offering remains truly Greyhound so there is no dabbling with artsy breaks or melodies as such: Inner Noise Level is nearly 80 minutes of pure unadulterated driving and energetic rhythm 'n noise with all the experience and passion to keep that sound alive!


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