Thursday, June 28, 2012

Apoptose : Bannwald [2010]

So much good appreciations of this release drove me to my favorite records store...
Since at home listening to this beautiful piece of art, I'm HAUNTED ! This true story about these missing girls in this forest are very useful in music, cinema and reality but these sounds put the despair in front of your eyes (or ears, as you feel it).
Sounds of nothingness, frogs, nature and forest mixed with amazing Electronics...
It seems to make one and only track, perfect to spend a beautiful winter evening in front of a fireplace with a Single Malt.

1 Die Drei Schwestern 4:26
2 Hexenring 8:27
3 Ein Jahr Und Ein Tag 7:36
4 Haltet Euch Fern! 8:08
5 Vivian Und Wiebke 5:53
6 Berkanas Traum 8:14
7 Im Bannwald 8:04

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