Sunday, June 17, 2012

IRM : Red Album [1999]

IRM is a Swedish industrial / power electronics project that should be well-known to anyone familiar with Cold Meat Industry's catalog at the turn of the millennium. When their existence began in Norrköping in 1998, they only had their demo to prove their existence, a one-sided tape of a mere 50 copies entitled “The Green Tape”. After catching the eye of Roger Karmanik, IRM saw their first official release through Cold Meat Industry the following year with The Red Album, an LP-only release featured on both black and pink wax. Their first CD release wasn't until the year after when Oedipus Dethroned was released and gave most of the power electronics underground a chance to hear the project, not only because of its CD release, but also because the album wasn't strictly limited. IRM would go on to work with CMI again twice in their career, but since that moment it has been mostly Leech (Navicon Torture Technologies)'s label Annihilvs

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1 Some Inner Domain 4:57
2 Powerdrill 4:24
3 Unconscious 3:57
4 Soulcleaner 4:31
5 Martyr 2000 4:50
6 Katharsis 5:50
7 R.S. 7:44
8 The Essence Of Young Death 5:30

Artwork Martin Bladh
Design IRM, lashisha,
Layout 141
Performer [Staff] Erik Jarl, Martin Bladh
Photography By Ingela Hansson
Producer Erik Jarl, Robert Karlsson
Remastered By Peter Andersson

Limited edition of 500 copies.


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