Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Droin : Time To Reconsider [2007]

01. Ultimatum
02. Line 2
03. Dead Man
04. Marching East
05. A.T.F.
06. Command and Obsession
07. Sinking Hope
08. The Greatest Error
09. Thorn Up!
10. Time to Reconsider

"Sounds mix radio static, factory clangings, the rumble of bomber engines, dank trenches and quiet, corpse-strewn fields. Scratchy, seething textures create a bass-heavy intensity, amongst which drift quieter, more reflective pauses. “Time to Reconsider” is dark industrialism, and like much of, say, Lustmord's production, communicates a seething, brooding intensity over mere noise assaults.
Nice work, and I definitely liked the way Droin creates dark, industrial atmospheres, interspersed with looped, folkish samples, yet avoids simply blasting the listener to get their attention."
>> heathenharvest.com

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