Tuesday, July 1, 2008


In case you're wondering about the music of artists on this blog, these are music review sites that, I think, are pretty good in describing them. Some of the sites have various forms of rating system which are very helpful and useful.

  • SITE : http://www.gothtronic.com
  • COVERED GENRES : darkwave, industrial, gothic, synth/future pop, ambient, ethereal, dark ambient, experimental, neo classical
  • RATING SYSTEM : scale (1 until 10)
  • NOTE : Extremely huge list of artists who are reviewed on this site, from brutal noise to soothing ambient are here. Certainly one of the best review sites on the web. Unlike many sites, the reviewers are many, not just one person.

  • SITE : http://www.chaindlk.com
  • COVERED GENRES : darkwave, industrial, gothic, synth/future pop, ambient, dark ambient, experimental, neo classical
  • RATING SYSTEM : star (* until *****)
  • NOTE : Another good review site covering many genres/styles even though not as extensive as the above-mentioned site. The reviewers are also more than just one person. The plus of this site is the huge library of interviews with various artists.

  • SITE : http://www.heathenharvest.com
  • COVERED GENRES : industrial, ambient, dark ambient, experimental, neo classical, neo folk
  • RATING SYSTEM : not available
  • NOTE : In terms of industrial subgenres, you won't find electro-industrial or aggrotech artists here because the site focuses more on the "less popular", more experimental subgenres like power electronics, noise, rhythmic/power noise, death industrial, and other abrasive stuff. Many martial industrial CDs are also reviewed on this site. The reviewers are many. If you want to find a review about an obscure artist, this is a good place to start.


  • SITE : http://www.wrappedinwire.com
  • COVERED GENRES : darkwave, industrial, gothic, synth/future pop
  • RATING SYSTEM : grade (A, B, C, D)
  • NOTE : In terms of genres/subgenres, this site focuses ONLY on electro-industrial, EBM, aggrotech (or industrial WITH vocals) plus darkwave, gothic rock, future/synth pop. You won't find many reviews about rhythmic/power noise, noise, power electronics, dark ambient, experimental or instrumental stuff here. The reviewer is only one person who often clearly states that he dislikes the more experimental side of industrial as well as ambient and instrumental stuff (how narrow-minded...). In other words, the site only reviews music with traditional structure and vocal. Therefore, don't be surprised/offended if in the middle of a CD review, this guy complains about the existence of experimental or instrumental tracks in the CD.

Enjoy! *_*

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