Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Synth-Etik : Phantom [2007]

"Thirteen songs with brain-breaking beats and sounds which are worth the title Phantom. Illusions are made and broken without too much noise but with repeating beats that will make the listener sometimes mad. Or better, seems to make you mad because after listening to Phantom the repeat/play button is again very attractive. Contagious, addictive and inspiring is the best description. Although the music can also be provocative, tiring and frightful for people who have never heard of Hands, Ant-Zen or Spectre. That is the strength of Synth-Etik, hate and love so close together. Love for the well-thought advancement from soft to hard on ‘Morphaline’. Lovers of sweet music, synthpop or (even) aggrotech are adviced to keep away from this. Synth-Etik is real noise and no shouting deformed voice can compete with this."
>> gothtronic.com

01 Otodama (4:58)
02 Phantom (3:41)
03 Morphalyne (5:05)
04 Exobiological (4:36)
05 Requiem (5:25)
06 Mekongscape (5:47)
07 Frequency Degradation (5:52)
08 Experimental Transition (6:12)
09 Somnolence (5:39)
10 Nonsequitor (5:56)
11 Four More Points (4:59)
12 Monote (4:35)
13 Entity (5:09)

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