Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pneumatic Detach : [vis·cer·a] [2005]

01 Holowh (4:37)
02 Separator (3:46)
03 Sona (5:33)
04 Patternerase (5:12)
05 Moment of Comprehension (4:05)
06 Putrescence (3:40)
07 Dischordant (5:21)
08 Embers (5:10)
09 Domination (Short Mix) (4:15)
10 Relentless (4:13)
11 Mindless Brutal Apparatus (w/ It-Clings) (6:27)
12 Dischordant (Remix by C2) (3:51) Remix - C2
13 Sona (Remix by O2) (6:10) Remix - O2

"[vis·cer·a] takes the listener on an unforgiving journey through modern hardcore electronic and rhythmic industrial music. Pneumatic Detach has gone the distance delivering an album filled with violent rhythmic explosion, jagged beats, and harsh industrial waves of sound... Each note and rhythm is tweaked and tortured to deliver the maximum damage. The rhythmic structures are as complex as they are destructive. Aligning linear beats and convulsing rhythms together Pneumatic Detach takes electronic music to a domain of caustic sophistication... Trying to describe individual songs is useless as the complexity of the rhythmic patters and the various industrial sounds are too varied and complex to fit into words."

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