Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dawn & Dusk Entwined : Vanitas Vanitatum [2007]

Dawn & Dusk Entwined is a neoclassical dark ambient soundscape project of David Sabre from France. It is an old familiar one in the genre, with releases on World Serpent, Athanor and Eternal Soul, Dawn & Dusk Entwined has been around since the late ‘90s. "Vanitas vanitatum", six brand new songs and 25 minutes of decadent and gloomy atmospheres on a printed CD-R with A5 special packaging in fine paper. Vanities paintings in the 17th century were meant in a era where man was placed at the center of creation, to recall him his mortal fate and greater values, God at the time, than human pretentions, consumerism, entertainment..

1. Glory Of Nothing (2:52)
2. Au Bûcher Des Vanitès (6:05)
3. Haibo Ego Sum (4:21)
4. The Fleeting Stream Of Time (2:07)
5. Homo Homini Lupus (3:59)
6. For You Shall All Return To Dust (6:16)

DOWNLOAD : Vanitatum

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