Sunday, July 20, 2008

Penitent : Among The Sleepless [2007]

1 Life Beyond (4:58)
2 Transfiguration (5:58)
3 The Resurrection Of Nativity (4:30)
4 Epitaph For The Lost Ones (5:36)
5 A Shapeless Beauty (7:21)
6 Throne Of The Abyss (18:25)
7 Demon Trubadour (4:55)
8 Within A Void (5:02)
9 The Flight Of Divinity (4:31)

"Penitent is the creation of Karsten Hamre and makes neo-classical music mixed with martial industrial and ambient in it. With Among the Sleepless he again deliver a quality album. Just like the previous album Deserted Dreams, Penitent does not use any vocals in order to focus the audience more in the atmospheric sounds of the album. And in this Hamre succeeds; the sound and atmosphere is dreamy but dark..."


DOWNLOAD : Sleepless
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