Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shinjuku Thief : Sacred Fury [2005]

01 Prologue (1:01)
02 Lesion (4:24)
03 Rupture (1:48)
04 Black Rope Hell (3:30)
05 Voitive Offerings (1:46)
06 Burning Heart (2:14)
07 Firejar Hell (4:12)
08 The Avici / Hell Of No Interval (3:05)
09 Three Pints Of Fluid (2:35)
10 Sacred Fury (3:48)
11 Water Tinctured With Soot (2:55)
12 Balm (1:23)
13 Reverie (3:31)
14 Suture (2:17)
15 Epilogue (1:13)
16 And Reason (1:30)

"The musical styles represented vary from slow building black ambience, through to beat driven noise blasts, onto orchestral type overtures and a touch of Eastern patterned influences. Picture a blind man trying to travel across a field with assorted obstacles randomly placed around. His journey won’t take him in a straight line from A to B as he’ll need to deviate continually to complete his task. This sounds exactly like that Herculean feat of endurance. "Sacred Fury" demands complete focus and attention from the listener as the music meanders and zigzags through so many different musical styles that it’s very easy to lose your concentration when it’s needed most. If you were to treat "Sacred Fury" as an imaginary film score then it makes perfect sense to all the blocked off avenues you’re being continually led up to."

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