Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Portion Control : Slug [2008]

One of Front Line Assembly's early influences, this hard electronics act has been around since the early 80's.
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"Portion Control take your expectations and literally chew them to bits, they keep the boot to your neck all throughout "Slug", an album that is heavy... heavy as anything I've ever heard before. There's no excess fiddling going on in these songs, niceties are bound up and gagged in the constricted taut landscapes Whybrew and Piavanni send out with brutal almost sadistically efficient glee. Uncompromising is not the word which best suits their new album, ruthless is not either. Unique. That is the best description of the aptly named "Slug", which like a dose of lead poisoning gets into your system and will not leave. No one sounds like them, no one approaches what they do. In the field of pure electronic manipulation and innovation, Portion Control stand tall casting their shadow over the entire musical landscape."

01 Roast (2:32)

02 Infant (4:00)

03 Global (5:04)

04 Sick Man (4:07)

05 Defend (4:31)

06 Heavyweight (3:06)

07 T4 (1:26)

08 Depth Charge (5:09)

09 Unrest (4:43)
10 Paw (4:09)

11 Cosh Boy Ver2.1 (4:09)

12 T5 (Mono) (1:36)
13 Cubicle (4:01)

14 Rogue (4:35)

15 Waste (2:44)

16 Sammy Circle (2:05)

17 Bleach (2:39)

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