Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dead Man's Hill FREE DOWNLOAD (3 albums)

2005 : Esoterica Orde De Dagon

Load of 43 minutes of music in apocalyptic dark ambient style, characteristic for early Cold Meat Industry albums. Combination of dynamic percussion and industrial rhythmics with characteristic vocals.

01 Esoterica Orde De Dagon
02 Cambarro Brought Us Gold
03 Endless Crosses
04 Outlanders
05 Dead Babies As Shelter
06 Ave Satani (0
07 Blood Eagle
08 Imboca

DOWNLOAD : Esoterica

2005 : Legion

The songs are very dark, sometimes sound improvised like they are recorded on the fly but quite rhythmic. Moody choirs, bombastic rhythm patterns, hammering guitar riffs and weird melodies are the ingredients to make your ears bleed.

01 Intro
02 Bitterness
03 Feel the Pain of the Wooden Cross
04 The Ravens
05 Dying Faces
06 Hail the Untamed Force
07 Ruin It is
08 The Mighty Cat


2007 : Dog Burial

A powerful release containing dark bombastic neoclassical and martial music mixed with (black) metal influences. Dead Man's Hill started in 1998 with the intension of making dark and cold music, especially influenced by The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud, and early In Slaughter Natives but with a more aggressive feel by incorporating black/death metal influences.

01 Dark Depths Of The Sea
02 Dog Burial
03 World Of Dogs And Crows
04 ... Of Friends And Believers
05 Our Saviour
06 Where No Man Can Survive
07 Yetayi: Invitation Of The Father
08 Ghost Train: In The Tunnel


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