Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hypnoskull : Electronic Music Means War To Us [2000] | FLAC lossless

01 the enemy is here
02 effective mind mechanism
03 electronic music means war to us (v4)
04 exit
05 10 seconds left
06 bassgun x reload
07 elektrattack
08 harddrive
09 this is not a rhythm (maschine rmx)
10 no chance left (rmx)
11 cleaning heads
12 mobile komm/einheit
13 low cristal display oscillator
14 metal intruder
15 i'll break your fucking beats
16 bad neighbourhoods
17 kill switch (2001.v)
18 everything in reverse

"Overall, it is a surprisingly good album. I can (finally) wholeheartedly accept Hypnoskull’s sound, and truly enjoy its heavy, aggressive, uncompromising nature. This is definitely an album I would recommend to anyone into rhythmic noisy side of music. Patrick has incorporated so many elements coming into this album, that it redefines the whole genre, and takes it to the completely new level."

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