Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pimentola FREE DOWNLOAD (2 albums)

2005 : MM-MMV

MM-MMV offers finest neoclassical/dark orchestral music, but also infusing ethnic and industrial sounds and incorporating self-produced samples and acoustic instruments to the music. An album very much in the vein of bands such as In Slaugther Natives, Raison D'Etre or Arcana during their best period.

Tuoni Pauloo Tiukoin Sitein
01 Tuoni Pauloo Tiukoin Sitein I
02 Tuoni Pauloo Tiukoin Sitein II
03 Tuoni Pauloo Tiukoin Sitein III
Unreleased Tracks
04 Kuolleiden Kieli
Remix Of Pimentola 7"
05 Untitled II (Älymystö Remix)
Remix - Älymystö
Hämärän Seppele
06 Hämärän Seppele I
07 Hämärän Seppele II
08 Hämärän Seppele III
09 Hämärän Seppele IV
10 Hämärän Seppele V
11 Hämärän Seppele VI
12 Hämärän Seppele VII
13 Hämärän Seppele VIII
14 Hämärän Seppele IX
From: Defend The Palace: Worms A.D.MCLXXXIV
15 Outro


2007 : Misantropolis

"There is some film music, but also experimental post-industrial, upbeat worldmusic, and neo-classical and a bit of dark ambient noise as well, as you can hear in ‘Psychopompos’. The atmosphere in the music of Pimentola however is maniacal and apocalyptic."

01 Black Globe
02 Death Is A Secret
03 Heart's Dementia (Phase I)
04 Heart's Dementia (Phase II)
05 Wish Upon A Fallen Star
06 Psychopompos
07 Wann Ende Die Zeit?
08 The Stars Hang Like Lamps From A Sky Of Steel
09 Todessprache
10 Tuoni Pauloo Tiukoin Sitein III

DOWNLOAD : Misantropolis
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