Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Front 242 : Moments... 1 [2008]

01 Happiness 07:12
02 Body To Body 04:07
03 Religion 03:35
04 Welcome To Paradise 04:35
05 Commando Remix 07:14
06 Lovely Day 04:09
07 Until Death 03:23
08 Moldavia 03:32
09 Funkhadafi 03:28
10 7rain 03:41
11 Loud 04:04
12 Together 04:23
13 U-Men 02:56
14 Take One 04:05
15 Im Rhythmus Bleiben 03:55
16 Headhunter 04:16
17 Kampfbereit 04:26
18 Punish Your Machine 05:59

"After years of digital "uber alles", analogue synthesis and
technology has made a comeback. Front 242 decided to re-load
their old analogue sequences into the new generation of
synthesizers and carefully re-designed all the sounds to match
the spirit of their time. The result was proposed on a worldwide
'Vintage Tour' that is still running today. To satisfy their
fans, but also the curiosity of numbers of listeners interested
in the early electronic music atmosphere ; we invite you to
discover this exceptional 'Live' recording encompassing the very
best of Front 242's compositions. Enjoy "Moments..." - a
Snapshot of 242's live sound.
This 1CD version holds holding 4 tracks in alternative versions
not featured on the 2CD box edition."
>> alfamatrix

This is the FIRST band that officially introduced me to the innovative world of EBM/Industrial back in September 1990. One of the true innovators of hard electronics with their trademark sequenced, appregiated EBM bassline which was one thing that I noticed when I first heard "Headhunter" and its sequenced scraping metallic sound on the radio back then. Highly innovative, incredible and futuristic song with no match in the late 80's/early 90's.
At the time, I had such good moments....
(along with that amazing, cute girl......)

DOWNLOAD : Part1 / Part2
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