Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flint Glass FREE DOWNLOAD (3 albums)

Flint Glass’ music tends to crawl under your skin, shapes the most fantastic images, and keeps challenging by means of an intelligent use of samples, rhythms and beats. With Flint Glass you find influences from the ambient of the ‘90’s as well as various forms of IDM, tribal and industrial rhythmic noise.

Gwenn Trémorin [Flint Glass]

2003 : Hierakonpolis + Dahshur EP

01 Hierakonpolis
02 Interlude1
03 Neuroscan
04 Interlude2
05 Dust Particles
06 Interlude3
07 Heliotrop
08 Interlude4
09 Amenemhat
10 Interlude5
11 Throw about
12 Interlude6
13 Middle Kingdom
14 Al Hasard
15 Closer
16 Philae
17 Germ Code
18 Saggara Temple

"This record is a trip through dark places, a moment of peace, a moment filled with well-constructed songs and a moment of reflection. The music never relies on force, but is filled with faultless, ingenious music landscapes. You can compare this music with an act like Ah Cama-Sotz. 'Hierakonpolis' has become a beautiful record that is highly graded for its intensity, musical highlights and integrity."

DOWNLOAD : Part1 / Part2
PASSWORD : fuckedcat

2006 : Nyarlathotep

01 R'lyeh La Morte
02 Neither Dead
03 Brain Speaking Machine
04 Azathoth
05 De Vermis Mysteriis
06 Ubbo-Sathla
07 Nephren-Ka
08 Hastur
09 Alhazred
10 Yuggoth
11 Angular Space
12 Shudde M'ell
13 Cthulhu Dawn
14 Yog-Sothot
15 Slither Chaos
16 Brain Death (Remix By Ah Cama Sotz)
17 Germ Code (Remix By Disharmony)
18 Brain Speaking Machine (Remix By Xabec)
19 R'lyeh La Morte (Remix By This Morn Omina & Empusae)

"Flint Glass is an ambient-industrial project which produces auditive occult cinematography... The music is quiet and explosive at the same time. It does not come to an eruption but it squeeks and cracks in real industrial style. This sometimes reminds of Mlada Fronta and Ah Cama-Sotz too. The CD is packed full with heavy ambient rhythm soundscapes and is a definite recommendation!."


DOWNLOAD : part1 | part2
PASSWORD : niceolum


2007 : Information Gigabyte (w/ Telepherique)

01 Kunsthirn (3:49)
02 Dendral (3:35)
03 Future Shock Syndrom (2:46)
04 User Protection (7:14)
05 Dominance Of Digital (6:08)
06 Information Burn-Out (6:53)
07 Magnetic Migration (5:00)
08 Fear Of Information (7:44)
09 Terror Of Terabytes (5:59)
10 Tape In Transition (6:06)
11 Internet Collapse (6:38)

"A fluent symbiosis of analog and digital, Germany and France, Telepherique and Flint Glass. All the before-mentioned elements stay within the mix, but the power gets more and more overwhelming as the rhythms get noisier, louder and more impressive."

DOWNLOAD : Gigabyte

FYI. this is a fave artist of g/f of mine. She thinks Gwenn is as cool and cute as me... whatever (*_*)
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