Thursday, August 11, 2016

Genocide Organ ‎: Obituary Of The Americas [2016]

ARTIST....   Genocide Organ
TITLE.......  Obituary Of The Americas
STYLE.....    Industrial, Power Electronics
LABEL......  Tesco Organisation ‎– TESCO 100  
QUALITY... 320 kbps/Joint-Stereo
COUNTRY.. Germany

1     Autodefensa                   5:03
2     Formacion De Guerilla     5:37
3     I Don't Wanna Die          5:52
4     Escuela De Las Americas 4:13
5     Plastic Vests                   5:22
6     Operacion Causa Justa    5:59
7     Kaibil                             3:53
8     Todo Por La Patria          5:37

Genocide Organ have earned their place as masters of the craft within industrial and power electronics circles, and rightfully so for having been together 31 years at this point. Not many other bands of their caliber come to mind when considering their consistency of live performance and recorded output with respect to their age. Since the release of ‘Under-Kontrakt’ in 2011, they have expanded upon their Archive line of releases, published ‘Absolute Truth’ with The Grey Wolves, and brought to light some versions of older works on ‘KwaZulu-NaTaL’. Though the tracks of ‘KwaZulu-NaTaL’ are stated to have been recorded in 1994, the production quality is of exceptionally high fidelity by contrast to 1995’s ‘Mind Control’ and most of their body of work, for that matter.

It was perhaps the delayed release of ‘KwaZulu-NaTaL’ in 2014 which set my expectations of what ‘Obituary of the Americas’ might sound like, but contrary to this its production is quite similar in characteristics to most of G.O.’s other recordings. This is of small consideration; more importantly, the release of Obituary holds a logical and well-defined place in the chronology of Genocide Organ’s recorded output. Whereas ‘Under-Kontrakt was concerned with military conflict of Sri Lanka, ‘Obituary of the Americas’ turns focus to the United States and more generally the relations between regions of North & South America on the whole. From the official press release:

Genocide Organ have hidden in the jungles, hills, deserts, slums and cities of the Americas for 4 years. Being present on the shores of Panama, in the cardboard areas of El Salvador, the jungles of Guatemala, the drug roots of Bolivia, the human-drug trafficking (sic) in Mexico, the just in-justice in no-go areas just across the iron border of the US.”


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