Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ambre + Mark Spybey : Sfumato

"Sfumato is a painting technique of blurring or softening sharp outlines by subtle and gradual blending of one tone into another to create a vague sense of movement. A perfect title for this album. The bulk of the 14 French titled tracks are composed of deep drones, found sound samples and ambient atmospheres. The music is primarily minimal, but not tediously so, melodic with gradual introductions and shifting of sounds. A few tracks add subtle bass programming while a few others are simply brief, bizarre sample collages meant to break up the flow. Spybey's patented reverb drenched environments are clearly evident on at least half the tracks. Although the album is best listened to start to finish, the 2 lengthiest tracks are standouts. "L'horloge de Calcutta" ("The Clock of Calcutta") is a mesmerizing pulsation that slowly builds up an intense tension for what seems like an eternity but is really only 9 minutes. "Le Printemps des Abîmes" ("The Spring of the Abysses") is a masterpiece of deep drone that dissolves into a beautiful melody cloud in the final few of it's 8 and 1/2 minutes. Altogether "Sfumato" is a very pleasant surprise since I had no idea what to expect from Ambre. They did a fantastic job of using Spybey's sounds with their own."
> brainwashed.com

01 Citadelle Intérieure (4:08)
02 Visite Au Zoo Triste (4:46)
03 Corrosion (4:13)
04 La Cantatrice Mauve (2:27)
05 L'horloge de Calcutta (8:53)
06 J'irai Cracher Sur Vos Ombres (3:08)
07 Zéro Cinquante-neuf (3:42)
08 Le Clown Baxir Kodek (1:37)
09 La Loge Dorée (2:12)
10 Poussière D'absinthe (4:17)
11 Derrière Le Rideau de Verre (3:44)
12 À Quoi Servent Les Morts? (3:36)
13 Machine D'espri des Abîmes (8:29)

DOWNLOAD LINK : s f u m a t o

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