Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Torsion : Dark Tattoo Satellite [1997]

"torsion is a collaboration between olivier moreau (of imminent starvation, urawa, axiome, ambre, etc fame) and john sellekaers (known for xingu hill and his work on metarc).

this release will surprise all those ambient fans out there. using a variety of minimal percussion the band manages to create structured and intelligent ambient. torsion adds minimal persistent dislocated pulses to usual ambient structures to create a mix that could remind you of minimal passarani or xingu hill, with the beats that sometimes achieve the density and harshness of rhythm'n'noise of imminent starvation, but repetition and ambient background converts those into a background for an atmospheric track."

01 People Of One-O-Seven
02 El Mariachi Mecanico
03 The Hallucinogenic Toreador
04 Battlefield
05 Blues Patrol
06 Dr 4000Hz
07 Undeniable Evidence
08 Visitors

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