Monday, June 30, 2008

Diorama : A Different Life [2007]

The melancholic darkwave of Diorama has conquered a place in the heart of the music fans in the gothic-wave scene without resulting in success with a larger audience. Diorama made some beautiful albums on which a synthetic wave sound perfectly matched guitars and melancholic pop elements. Next, more heavy percussive moments and clashing sounds entered the typical Diorama sound. This promised a lot as it was perfectly merged into the melancholic sound, and that expectation is now partly fullfilled with A Different Life.

01. Screenface
02. Definition Power
03. Why
04. Burning Out
05. Synthesize Me
06. Protected World
07. 10000 Meter Waves
08. Sands
09. Exit the Grey
10. Kein Mord
11. No Tears
12. Blessed
13. Colder


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