Thursday, May 1, 2008

Monthly Note #1

H o l a ....
Well, it's been more than 1 month now since the blog [re]started.. I would like to thank you ALL for visiting my humble blog. It's you, especially those who visit quite often, who keeps me motivated to posting new stuff here. This blog, unlike most others, focuses ONLY on high-quality and/or innovative, ground-breaking releases, regardless the year of release. As you may already know, newer does NOT always mean better. Consequently, you won't find many stuff by what I call "Suicide Commando school" artists here. That scene is full of cookie-cutter approach to making music. It's time to move on, pals...

FYI, I've been listening to VARIOUS esoteric electronic musical genres since the late 80's : synth pop, new age, ambient, EBM, industrial, ethereal, dark ambient, darkwave, as well as many industrial subgenres. Therefore, this blog reflects my taste in those musical genres which, I believe, many people share. From the heaviest, hardest, harshest, evil-sounding stuff [ie. power electronics, noise etc.] to the lightest, softest, smoothest, angelic-sounding stuff [ie. space, ethereal] are the stuff that I listen to. Such vast, complex range of genres/styles, some of which quite opposite to each other, reflects my own complex personality and moods. Most people I know who like harsh EBM certainly do not like or even hate ambient. And vice versa. But not me, my friend. It's boring to listen to only one or two genres all the time. Harsh EBM and ambient certainly have nothing in common in terms of style, feel, mood, etc. but both are esoteric electronic musics which the mainstream music press SOB's always ignore or underestimate. Therefore, although most of the posts are industrial in nature, I also post other high-quality stuff from other [mostly] electronic genres as well, ie. new age/ambient, ethereal, darkwave, synth pop.

BTW, industrial is a loose term for many kinds of experimental, mostly electronic music. It's perhaps the most advanced genre in the music world. It's a genre that has so many subgenres and styles compared to other genres. And industrial itself has influenced other genres in many ways, especially goth, metal, even boring "dance" music. This is a genre that is never afraid to experiment, which consequently leads to ground-breaking innovations. For example, it's not Enigma who first used Gregorian chants in music, but,
I believe, it's early Delerium and other industrial-related artists in the 80's. The now-trendy trance music, to cite another example, was created by Psychic TV and Coil who are offshots of none other than the legendary Throbbing Gristle (surprise!)... :D

[to be continued next month...]

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