Thursday, May 22, 2008

Across The Rubicon : Elegy [2007]

All the rest sounds as having been carefully arranged: samples are just the loudness required, percussions are varied and unusually rich and innovative, brutality stays united with sensitive melodies. It sounds as a soundtrack of a multi-oscarized movie, but such one has never been seen in the box office, yet... Both grandeur and decadence of a warlike "Elegy" are successfully praised to the skies by its skilled Polish creators... And these skies aren't clear but ambiguous, as on the pictures of the booklet: is it before or after the storm? Will we see the sun again? No doubt that many fans of martial music will appreciate this "Elegy".

01 Soldat Inconnu
02 Shadows And Dust
03 Dogs Of War
04 State Of Fear
05 The World In Flames
06 Strengh And Honour
07 The Rage
08 Death Smiles To Us All
09 The Culture War
10 We Shall Remember



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