Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vortex : Rockdrill [2011]

According to the linear note of this album, rockdrill is the history of the sculpture made by Sir Jacob Epstein and depicted in the pictures in the curated booklet. So this is, in fact, a work about the (con)struction and (de)struction of a work. The history of the rockdrill is a strange one: a sculpture destroyed by the war, reconstructed and, casted again, partially destroyed by the author unsatisfied by the result.

"Rockdrill I" opens this release with a drone that develops in an almost industrial beat, "Canto Spoleto" relies on spoken word part that try to evoke a nostalgic novel of past times. "Spiral" is an oppressive drone coloured by atmospheric samples. "Fatalism" use a classical guitar line to brighten the musical journey. "Iron Cage" juxtapose an almost religious chorus above a martial beat. "Persistance" and "Asylum" are ambient tracks constructed above samples that are almost an introduction to the final part of this album. "Construction" marks the part of the reconstruction with metal resonances and and a soundtrack-type texture. "The Fall" is an atmospheric track relying on a ritualistic beat while "Rockdrill II" is a solar tune based on a clear drone. "Epilogue: Canto Zero" begins with an high frequency noise above a sad line of guitar and ends with metallic resonance above a martial beat.

This release has the unusual quality to be able to tell a story, so it's one of the best releases of the year. Truly recommended.

01. Rockdrill I [4:41]
02. Canto Spoleto [5:14]
03. Spiral [4:42]
04. Fatalism [4:29]
05. Iron Cage [3:20]
06. Persistence [3:46]
07. Asylum [3:59]
08. Construction [3:59]
09. The Fall [5:18]
10. Rockdrill II [7:40]
11. Epilogue: Canto Zero [6:46]

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