Monday, May 14, 2012

Skin Area : Rothko Field [2012]

I’ve known and enjoyed IRM-related project Skin Area’s work for a good many years. They excel in extreme, punishing noise and Power Electronics coupled with a Dark Ambient sensibility for sonic dynamics. This third album, now on Malignant Records, is something of a departure for them; while no less intense in concept or execution, this album journeys through No-Wave drone guitar noise with the solemnity of Black Metal, droning electronic waves, Industrial pounding, delicate melody, Power Electronics shouted vocals and softly-sung words.

So it’s not a stretch to say this is a deeply interesting album, a journey, a passage through a series of mental states and situations. Moving through the fields of influence of abstract sensations? Rothko is the kind of artist to evoke these wildly separated but fractally connected sensations; his imposing, overpowering blocks of colour that bore right into you, particularly in his commission pieces for the Four Seasons restaurant, match these monolithic but changeable feelings.

1 Threshold (1:55)
2 In The Skin (7:45)
3 Rothko Field (8:17)
4 Hypnagoga (4:15)
5 Void (8:07)
6 Hypnagoga 2 (3:03)
7 Rothko Field 2 (17:11)
8 In The Skin 2 (6:22)
9 Threshold 2 (0:56)

Power Noise | Power Electronics | Martial Industrial | Dark Ambient | Industrial Ambient