Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Indigo Larvae : Behind These Walls The Night Is Total [2007]

This is the house of the flensing knife, the lair of soul rapists, and the den of the demolishers of mind and consciousness so inculcated by the religious merchants of fear. This is our ultimate repository of pain and suffering, the gateway to anything but peace. Here we are subject to the caress of the furnace, the flames tenderly soothing the flesh to a crisp, and the intense, searing heat gently boiling away the body’s moisture. Couple that with a truly nightmarish vision of industrial machinery constantly hungering for more damned souls, the fires and engines of slaughter in perpetual, eternal lock-step motion, the scythes and blades biting deep into useless flesh, and you have the essence of what Indigo Larvae are about.

01. Forever Undead (6:41)
02. Welcome To My Mind (5:27)
03. The Worm (6:32)
04. Am I Dead? (7:32)
05. Black Pastures (7:24)
06. The Night Is Darkening Round Me (6:13)
07. The Eyes Of Sorrow (7:17)
08. Anthea Jane (5:59)
09. My Universe Of Death (7:08)

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