Monday, May 28, 2012

Sektor 304 : Subliminal Actions [2011]

If ever all hope was lost in the industrial genre – despair not, as it should be fully renewed after a journey to the metallic wasteland hell that is Subliminal Actions. With influence clearly rooted in the works of the early industrial masters like Test Dept, Einstürzende Neubauten, and SPK, Sektor 304 take this confrontational sound to new depths of depravity. Formless, unstructured audio chaos elicits far more from the human mind than any limited 4/4 composition, which is why the darkest music of this kind brings out the beast in man. Simplistic and ritualistic percussion, both natural and metallic, lead the charge through jarring swells of filthy noise and abrasively crunching bass lines. Everything is at once menacing, chaotic, and rhythmic – there is never time to cease; forward, inexorable momentum is all it knows. Even the most sludge-filled plodding moments have a sense of immovable fury and ever-expanding enormity. Suffocation seems to be the number one goal of this dense and enveloping beast, and even what seems like solace is really an empty cloud of vibration too low for the human ear. Over the layers of subtle and harsh noise, over the tribal clatter of machine-like antagonism, and over the lowest frequency churns of Tartarus screams a demonic madman: at one instance a harbinger of fear and at the next a soothsayer. In some of these harrowing vocals are pure anger, sheer hatred, and unnerving fear – a full range of primal expressions.

01. A Carving On Metal Skin [2:28]
Performer [Scrap Metal] Sara Gomes
02. A Vessel Of Guilt [3:45]
Vocals Luis Gonçalves
03. By The Throat [4:48]
04. Full Circle [6:45]
05. Vultures [6:31]
06 Friction [4:49]
Bass Rui Leal
07 Terminal Stage [11:19]
08 Concrete Islands [5:27]
Effects [Delay Pedal] Rui Leal
Synthesizer J.A.*

09 A.A.D.S. [7:49]
Performer [Scrap Metal] Sara Gomes
10 The Prismatic Sun [10:47]

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