Tuesday, May 22, 2012

32Crash : Hyperreal (Limited Edition EP) [2012]

After their highly acclaimed Y2112Y album, 32Crash is ready to take on another sonic adventure. Revisiting some familiar landscapes, re-inventing some known soundscapes, altering the same reality. "Hyperreal" is a 6 track vinyl release featuring 6 exclusive remixes, again all done by 32 Crash themselves.

This time fully aimed for club-play. These remixes clearly have a very retro feel to it. But what can you expect when you know that 32 Crash is Jean-luc de Meyer (Front 242), Len Lemeire (Implant) and Jan D'Hooghe. This is a MUST HAVE for fans of EBM, vinyl and the year 2112. Limited to 300 copies!

01. Hyperreal (Überwirklich Mix)
02. Dawning Sun (Crepuscular Mix)
03. Perpetuum Mobile (Velikovsky Mix)
04. Hyperreal (Happily Peel The Pear Mix)
05. The Man That Came From Later (Future Zukunft Mix)
06. Elegy For Himself (SDB Activated Mix)
07. What Happened Here (Taunting Devil´s Mix)
08. 100Y (The Life Review Mix)

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