Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ptarkh : Alamah [2009]

Ptarkh is a prolific Russian synthesist who works in the darkest part of ambient and industrial music. The music which has unimaginable depth of creativity, highly layered with sounds at times it goes completely insane and aggressive and always saves the feeling of presence in the realistic, difficult, vast and impossible world.

Don't even dare to get a piece of comfort in these catacombs built by Ptarkh. Only rats and unknown ancient creatures live there. But if you enter them you would have to go to the end to get out, there's no other way!

01.Dreml' (9:55)
02.Shalava (6:49)
03.Paralaser (1:02)
04.Tanechka (10:59)
05.Stank (5:54)
06.Razval (8:53)
07.Avtandil (10:27)

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