Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Syntech : P'som Sett [2011]

Two years after their well-received debut "Rising From The
Ashes" Syntech release their sophomore album. The cover already
displays the dichotomy that is the core issue of "P'som Sett",
the struggle of nature against the forces of industry û which is
most dangerously manifest in the global destruction of
rainforests (and the species living within) for the sake of
profit. Musically this is reflected in an impulsive clash of
tribal beats vs. machine rhythms, imbedded into dark
atmospheres. The album starts with the gloomy perspective of the
downbeat "Blackest Night Sirens". "Labyrinth" contains all the
features of "P'som Sett" in a nutshell: A wild tempest of beats
and percussions, relentlessly pushing the tune forward, while a
claustrophobic atmosphere permeates the mind - cinematic and
threatening! "Shy" has an almost Trip Hop-like vibe, while the
title track is a more straightforward option for the Industrial
dance floor, as well as the electro-infused "Voltage Boost".

Throughout the album you will find a lot of diversion through
change of rhythmic pace, ethno-flavoured percussive stretches
and melodic fragments deep in the mix. "Whiteout" seems to lead
the album towards a more quiet ending, before the closing title
"Is Not My Problem" assaults the listener with a dehumanized
clutter of noise that devours all structure. Whereas "Rising
From The Ashes" had been a rhythmic monolith that clearly
disclosed the association with Industrial outfit Greyhound
through the dominance of looped, pounding beats, Syntech now
move further into a territory of their own with "P'som Sett".
This album manages to take the listener on a 78-minute journey
that never gets tiring and offers some surprises en route. And -
repeated listening is recommended in order to discover all the
little details to be found within!

01 Blackest Night Sirens [6:27]
02 Labyrinth [7:14]
03 Shy [5:40]
04 Phraa Jaan Naak [6:22]
05 Phi Ton Mai [6:14]
06 Coated With Dust [5:21]
07 Voltage Boost [5:38]
08 Congenial Spirit [5:02]
09 Kumphakan [5:30]
10 Dying Of Forest [5:36]
11 Wacah Chan [6:47]
12 Whiteout [6:26]
13 Is Not My Problem [5:17]

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