Monday, May 28, 2012

Sonar : Cut Us Up [2012]

It has been six years since SONAR's last album, a time spent
working on different projects and world wide touring for Dirk
Ivens and Eric van Wonterghem. Since 1996 they have thoroughly
explored the dark corners of rhythmic industrial whilst bringing
their own unique ingredients to the mix - With "Cut Us Up" the
Belgian project secure their position among the sovereigns of
this genre.

The classic propulsive beats are still the driving force on most
tracks, while SONAR fill the space in and around the drum hits
with scraping noise chords, disturbing sampled voices and
throbbing sub-basses. Combative, violent bursts of industrial
uproar and rhythmic scalpels refined with intelligent sequencing
result in massive blocks of monolithic sound, each one with
noise as a basic ingredient, each one performed in a different
way. This album marks a raw, overpowering tour de force - an
overwhelming, visceral, and relentless rhythmic onslaught
created in the dark wastes of the concrete jungle.

01. Intruder 03:43
02. Closing in 03:56
03. Them and Us 04:32
04. Cut Us Up 03:35
05. Black Sunset 03:54
06. Touch the Mirror 03:39
07. Melted Dream 05:24
08. Never Too Late 03:19
09. Atomized 06:34


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