Friday, May 25, 2012

C-Lekktor : X-Tension In Progress (2-CD Limited Japanese Edition) [2012]

With their debut "The Silence Progression" (2008) and the remix
album "Tendencias Suicidas" (2010), Mexico's harsh electro
wizards C-LEKKTOR have already managed to cause a sensation on
the dance floors. Time for another tone attack ... the follow-up
rocket was mixed and mastered by Jan L. (X-FUSION, NOISUF-X),
and is a thunderstorm offering thirteen tracks, picking up the
established sound of the band, but also adding some new sound

"Influences from hardcore and hardstyle refresh our music and
lead into a new direction", singer Markko states. "Aggressive,
danceable and rough ingredients can be found on the new opus.
Tracks like 'Alteracion' or 'Sick of You' remind of our classic
sound, while songs like 'Dark Reflection', 'Wrecked' and
'Hardbeat [Mu]-Sickk' present a 'bad ass hardcore' attitude that
make you want to move onto the dancefloor for the slam, and
you're also going to find female vocals like in 'In Memorian'."

C-LEKKTOR show us what hell tastes like. "The Mayas predicted a
new age for 2012, and this CD is proof of it", declares Markko.
"Depressive, furious, fast and catchy musickk for the end of the
world. The apocalypse has begun in Mexico."

CD 1 > “X-Tension In Progress”
01 Plug In
02 Hellektro Convulsion Therapy
03 Alteracion
04 Dark Reflection
05 El Comienzo De La Muerte
06 In Memoriam
07 X-Tension In Progress
08 Wrecked
09 Sick Of You
10 Welcome To My World
11 Trastorno
12 In The Other Life
13 Hardbeat [Mu]-Sickk

14 Refusing The Paradise 2012
15 La Era Del Caos

CD 2 : “X-Tension Complete”
01 Trastorno (GRENDEL Remix)
02 Alteracion (CYGNOSIC Remix)
03 X-Tension In Progress (STUDIO-X EBM Remix)
04 Suicidal Tendencies (DETROIT DIESEL Remix)
05 Juicio Final (GOD DESTRUCTION Remix)
06 Living Dead (PSYENSE Remix)
07 Hellektro Convulsion Therapy (Possessed by ALIEN VAMPIRES)
08 In Memoriam (ACYLUM Remix)
09 X-Tension In Progress (Re-Bassed by FABRIKC)
10 Living Dead (Pray For Your Soul Remix by ANTYTHESYS)
11 Alteracion (PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 Remix)
12 X-Tension In Progress (TERRORKODE Remix)
13 In Memoriam (CEDIGEST Remix)
14 Juicio Final (EXTINCTION FRONT Remix)
15 World Of Fantasy (Horror Child Remix by SCAMP REVOLVER)

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