Monday, May 21, 2012

Solar Fake : Frontiers [2011]

The German Electro act Solar Fake which is the creation of Sven Friedrich, also known as the singer and frontman of Dreadful Shadows and Zeraphine, are back with a new album. The debut album “Broken Grid” was released in 2008, followed by the “Resigned” EP the year after. Now two years later, Sven returns with the second studio album “Frontiers”.

Sven Friedrich is not any newcomer in the scene. He have been around with the Gothic Rock project Dreadful Shadows during the 90′s and for the last ten years he is the frontman in Zeraphine, who almost continued were the previous project left off which he created together with Dreadful Shadows member Norman Selbig.

Last year he appeared on the Destroid EP “Silent World” with vocals on the track “Lucretia My Reflection”. If you haven’t heard Solar Fake before – include me to that crowd before hearing this album – it is much more electronic than his other projects. With beautiful soundscapes and catchy melodies he deliver a very strong album in “Frontiers”. Alot of driving beats and constant shifting structure of the songs. Something I noticed right away when listening. It features melancholic songs like “More Than This” which can be described as something like a Futurepop anthem. But then it turns to something completely different. A much darker and heavier approach. The track “Parasites” witness pretty good on that. With distorted vocals it deliver something of a hybrid of bands like [:SITD:], Rotersand and Accessory. Just to in the next minute turn into something mellow and very emotional in “Where Are You”, with great and beautiful piano arrangement.

“Frontiers” is a very strong album, not only because of its constant change in songs I mentioned but also for its very addictive and impressive tracklist. Ranging from Industrial, Futurepop, 80′s influences and only a small glimpse of Gothic influences. The album have been played through many times and I still can’t find any bad song. Sven deliver something out of the ordinary here with both his touching voice and with the production. “Frontiers” impress me very much and I will put a big exclamation mark after the title for being one of this years highlights.

01. Under The Skies
02. Why Did I Raise The Fire
03. No Apologies
04. More Than This
05. Parasites
06. Such A Shame
07. Where Are You
08. The Rising Doubt
09. Pain Goes By
10. Until I’m Back
11. The Line Of Sight

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