Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flint Glass + Polarlicht 4.1 + Transistor : Zoran's Equation [2011]

Zoran’s Equation is a collaborative instrumental album from France’s Flint Glass and Germany’s Polarlicht 4.1 with Transistor (Polarlicht’s side project), and the results are an album that plays like an experience rather than just music. The static, ambient, and dark sounds on each of the album’s 10 selections seem to create sci-fi worlds from your favorite video game or movie, transporting you with ease and precision. While it may not be for everyone, anyone looking for a musical experience is likely to enjoy this fantastic, soundtrack-like collection of songs.

When beginning to listen to Zoran’s Equation’s opener, “Mange-Machine,” it is very obvious that the album is presenting a story of some kind with the sounds of air, faint talking, static, and clicks and beeps that sound like that of a machine being built. The sound is haunting and almost sinister in nature. The third song on the album, “Which Does Not Exist, Exists” brings with it a feeling of discovery just as its title suggests and almost bounces you into the moments of said discovery, while “The Ice People” is ripe with the sounds of footsteps and what could be machinery or maybe stalactites falling in a frozen cavern; incredibly effective and interesting. Listening further on, the album drags you deeper into the various dark sounds and ambience, perfectly illustrated by “Isolation” and “Aurore Australe.” The final track on the album, “Sleeping Beauty” is a beautiful creation of contemplative sounds that lead you through to the final seconds of the music and leave you to contemplate the world you’ve just traversed as well as the meanings that could be drawn up from its sounds.

Flint Glass, Polarlicht 4.1, and Transitor make a great combination, creating ambient, dark, industrial soundtrack music that captures as well as entertains. The music itself beautifully illustrates its own world and draws you in, full of depth and ambience. This collection isn’t for everyone, but those who are willing to explore it with an open mind will find it hard to tear themselves away from the world of Zoran’s Equation.

01 Mange-Machine 5:18
02 Immortals 4:36
03 Which Does Not Exist, Exists 4:58
04 The Ice People 4:37
05 Gondwana 3:35
06 Isolation 4:15
07 Aurore Australe 4:41
08 Frozen Bodies 4:09
09 Lost Souls 5:54
10 Sleeping Beauty 4:18

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