Friday, May 11, 2012

Metaconqueror : Banishment Of The Unforsaken [2004]

Metaconqueror is J. Stillings the man behind the Power Electronics project Steel Hook Prostheses."Banishment of the Unforsaken" is an impeccable black ambient masterpiece. Everything that is so good about black ambient music is to be found on this recording…and more starting off with an increasingly growing rumble and static mixture it progresses onto a garbled distorted voice then the deep dub echoes and noises begin. Thereafter the music becomes ever more threatening and chilling sending shivers of fear and pleasure running equally down the spine.Its a constant humming, like a ghost who’s hanging over the dungeon like sound fields of the composer. The constant humming is now interrupted by icy noises and than by other sonic manipulations.Played during sunlight it has the capacity to have you hiding behind the sofa with its threatening sonic display. Play it in the dark though…and just watch those nightmares begin.

1 Pestilence [4:44]
2 My Name Is Legion For We Are Many [5:34]
3 The Betrayer [6:13]
4 Dirge Of The Crucified [4:02]
5 Order Of The Golden Dawn [6:11]
6 Temple Of The Morning Star [8:16]
7 Forging The Gates Of Gehenna [6:16]
8 Of Empires Burning [5:43]
9 Cerebus [6:23]

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