Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Negru Voda : Våld De Luxe (3 x CD) [2011]

Although I am familiar with Peter Nyström's work as Megaptera, this is my first exposure to Negru Voda. The liner notes list influences like Test Dept, S.P.K., The Klinik, Cabaret Voltaire, Severed Heads, Einsturzende Neubauten, so you know that this is going to be a bit more raw and dirty. His MySpace page states that it sounds like 'Heavy steel works-machinery.' According to the press release, 'Compared to the perhaps darker, more layered sound of Megaptera, Negru Voda is stripped down, unrefined, and to the point ' old school, true to form, and primitive industrial music. . . Primarily built upon a strong foundation of punishing and persistent rhythms and cold, analogue pulsations, these are colossal soundscapes, where harsh, factory corrosion is met with insidious waves of distorted, electro-shock blasts streaked with highly ominous and bleak atmospherics as fueled by pints of lager, drams of Islay single malt, alienization, media wastelands, and cold Scandinavian winters.' Evidently this is a mix of new, unpublished recordings, coupled with a collection of out of print, re-mastered works, including the full length Dark Territory CD (Old Europa Cafe, 1998), plus 3 bonus tracks, the des Esseintes split 10' (Fin de Siecle, 2001), and the AVA: (dunk) picture 7' (Formosan, 2002).

CD 1 > Våld De Luxe
01 Vald De Luxe
02 The Fourth Coffin (P.A.L Remix)
03 The Sound Of Islay (Laggan Mhoullin Version)
04 Infected By Remix
05 Kompressor
06 The Dobruja Virus H1n1 Mix (Negru Voda Vs. Plague Machinery)

CD 2 > Dark Territory
01 Not Much Happens At The End Of A Record
02 Radiotronik
03 Silent Force Entry
04 Dark Territory
05 Apparatus
06 A Nice Pile Of Bodies
07 Suction
08 Petrified
09 Analog Highland Inferno (The Komplete)
10 The Institute (Lobotomy Drive-Thru)
11 Please, Don't Steal My Head
12 Mono-Stereo

CD 3 > Whispers From The Silent Shaft
01 The Mine Shaft
02 The Drill
03 Claustrofobic Hangover
04 Television State
05 The Sound Of Islay (Quarter Cask Edit)
06 Live In Tokyo '79 (Dedicated To The Clifford Darling)
07 The Smell Of Islay
08 Turku

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