Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rummelsnuff : Halt' Durch! [2012]

The legendary debut album of musclebound captain Rummelsnuff is finally being re-released! The new edition contains even more of the strong man’s trademark “derbe Strommusik”, maritime romanticism and raw art, as Rummelsnuff has been delving into his archives to unearth unheard gems, alternate versions and rarities that now grace “Halt’ Durch” in form of bonus tracks. A perfect invitation for re-visiting or discovering one of the most unique records that has come from the German-language music scene in the past decade.

01. Der Hund
02. Halt´ Durch!
03. Ringen
04. Halbstark Und Laut
05. Hammerfest
06. Mongoloid
07. Sliwowitz
08. Vollnarkose
09. Fett In Die Fresse
10. Lauchhammer
11. Rummelkaeptn
12. La Rochelle
13. Kumpel, Glueck Auf
14. Schützenfest

Bonus Tracks
15. Ein Herz Im 6/4 Takt
16. Narben
17. Das Fest
18. Halt´ Durch! (Baltikversion)
19. Sliwowitz Abschied

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