Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Necrophorus : Underneath The Spirit Of Tranquility [2011]

Necrophorus is one of the many projects spawned by the creative madness of Peter Andersson of Raison D’etre fame, and although it bears many similarities with his flagship, they differ on quite a few planes. This makes them siblings of the same brood while standing strong on their own unique atmospheres. When it comes to mastering the intricate balance between dark atmospheres and bright evolving harmonies, few artists show such a natural affinity as Peter Andersson. I had the opportunity to attend to one of his many live shows in Germany and was quickly swept away by the elegant yet simplistic scenery he used in combination with the rumbling infernal atmosphere created by a laptop and some odd pieces of scrap metal. Underneath the Spirit of Tranquility is a remixed and generally remoulded version of the album of the same name from 1996, and is again sold together with a subsection called The Impressions of Salvador Dali.

01 Empyrion 8:11
02 Sophysis I 4:37
03 Euthymia 9:52
04 Sentiment I 8:19
05 In Silence 2:30
06 Within Tranquility 10:28
07 Sophysis II 10:01
08 Sentiment II 7:27

The Impressions Of Salvador Dali
09 La Sommeil 2:32
10 Echo Morphologique 1:47
11 Femmes Aux Têtes Des Fleurs Retrouvant Sur La Plage Le Dépouill D'un Piano Á Queue 1:51
12 La Naissance De Désirs Liquides 2:03
13 La Persistance De La Mémoire 3:13
14 Le Cabinet Antromorphique 1:59

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