Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feindflug : Feindflug [4.V.] [1999]

01. Intro 
02. Feindflug 
03. Alptraum 
04. Machtwechsel 
05. Leitbild 
06. Lagerhaft 
07. Grossenwahn 
08. Foltersequenz 
09. Stukas Im Visier 
10. Gestandnis 
11. Kahle Bedrohung 
12. Vergeltung

Excellent, unique blend of Electro-Industrial and Power Noise. More artists should have done music like this. Albums such as this one prove once again that the somewhat stagnant Electro-Industrial can re-invent itself by infusing other styles within the Industrial genre itself, therefore there is no need to take on elements from (more) mainstream/popular genres which often does not work.



>>DOWNLOAD : part1 | part2
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