Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Flesh Field : Strain [2004]

"Ian Ross is a man with a mission: with his band Flesh Field he wants to bring back guitars in the Electro-Industrial genre. On that mission Rian Miller didn't go along; she's been replaced by Wendy Yanko, who is responsible for the female input in Flesh Field from now on. The band signed with Metropolis (N. America) and Dependent (Europe) and finally there is the new album "Strain". It was worth the wait, for it has become a fabulous album! Flesh Field exceed themselves and give a giant hit between the eyes to the Electro-Industrial scene, which has become somewhat dull lately. "Strain" smashes, strikes and crushes without loss of the traditional Flesh Field ingredients; still there are the complex rhythms, tribal percussion and cynical lyrics (some personal, some policital). New is the important role for the guitars, who give the music an incredible shot of power and elevate "Strain" to a masterpiece."     >gothronic.com

High-quality and unique Electro-Industrial!


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