Friday, May 22, 2009

V/A : V:8 Total ReConstruction [2008]

01. Nordvargr  Desert Generator Hell
02. Beyond Sensory Experience  Pattern Of The Weak (remix)
03. Megaptera Infected By Life (rmx 33 rpm LP-version)
04. Manes  Absolute Nothing (Manes redux)
05. Des Esseintes  To Be Detuned
06. Lrz  Surrender To Oblivion (dark resonance mix)
07. Thrawn Hellspawn  When Entropy Is Thwarted
08. Shinjuku Thief / EPA  Solid Structure: Undone
09. Desiderii Marginis  Dead Men's Choir (remix)
10. Origami Galaktika  Towards The Sun, Swansong (Zero Nothing remixed)
11. V:28 featuring Coph Nia  All Lined Up (Swans cover)
12. V:28 One Last Breath (Bleak cover)

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