Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Charlie Clouser : SAW O.S.T. [2004]

01. Sturm  [Front Line Assembly]
02. Hello, Adam
03. Bite The Hand That Bleeds [Fear Factory]
04. Last I Heard...
05. Action [Enemy]
06. Reverse Beartrap
07. You Make Feel So Dead  [Pitbull Daycare]
08. X Marks The Spot
09. Wonderful World  [Psycho Pomps]
10. Cigarette
11. We're Out Of Time
12. Fuck This Shit
13. Hello Zepp
14. Zepp Overature

SAW's soundtrack/music by Charlie Clouser (Nine Inch Nails), FLA,  Psycho Pomps (Claus Larsen's touring buddies) and some crappy Alt Metal tracks (just skip 'em).



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