Saturday, May 23, 2009

Iszoloscope : The Audient Void [2005]

01 The Audient Void
02 The Sum Of Us All
03 Raudivian Device
04 The Path Of Totality (Part One)
05 Insubstantality
06 From Hollow
07 Unto Deeper Calling
08 Heard Voices (Album Version)
09 The Path Of Totality (Part Two)

"Iszoloscope makes a very good combination of rhythmic industrial and dark ambient soundscapes. The first sounds of ‘The Audient Void’ appear to originate from the deepest realms of the inner-earth. It is like any moment you’ll be confronting the old ones of Lovecraft. Then rhythms increase, violins kick in which remind of the infamous shower scene from the Psycho movie and it all starts to get in motion. The old ones keep snorring from the deeper shafts beneath this layered music. An audient void it is indeed down there. ‘The Sum of Us All’ confronts us with frightening voice samples, heavy basses, pounding beats, constantly changing rhythm patterns and alienating atmopsherical sounds, that all together result in an exciting showcase of sounds."        >

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