Monday, May 11, 2009

Wappenbund : Kinder Des Lichtes [2004]

1 Flammen (7:17) 
2 Kinder Des Lichtes (4:58) 
3 Andacht (Finale) (6:55) 
4 Strahle In Ewigkeit (6:19) 
5 Frieda (Dein Sind Die Rosen) (5:39) 
6 Marche Funébre (7:02)

"I recommend “Kinder Des Lichtes” with the greatest enthusiasm to fans of Martial Industrial music. Wappenbund excels at combining Industrial tones with Martial orchestration with a magnitude comparable to A Challenge of Honour or Predella Avant. Seize the opportunity to secure a copy of Wappenbund’s final offering which will certainly become a legendary album in the genre."   >


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