Wednesday, May 6, 2009

V/A : Cold Meat Industry Live In Australia - Two Evenings Of Delightful Delicacies [2007]

Label: Cold Meat Industry
Catalog#: CMI170
Format: Compilation
Bitrate: VBR
Country: Sweden
Year: 2007
Styles: Neo Classical, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Industrial Ambient, Power Electronics, Death Industrial,

01 Manticle The Proper Containment Of Offspring (4:14)
02 Manticle Fun In The Waterbath (6:37)
03 Shinjuku Thief Lesion (4:02)
04 Shinjuku Thief Burning Heat (2:15)
05 Shinjuku Thief Firejar Hell (Excerpt) (0:39)
06 Shinjuku Thief Infinity (1:21)
07 Shinjuku Thief The Darkened Psalm (3:32)
08 Brighter Death Now The Killing Season (8:49)
09 Brighter Death Now In Formalin (12:32)
10 Bocksholm Elektrik Swastika Lokomotiv (Excerpts, First Part) (10:56)0
11 Bocksholm Pressbyrån “78 (9:11)
12 raison d'être Metamorphyses (Phase III) (8:45)
13 raison d'être Evocation (10:10)
14 Isomer Eye Of Dawn (2:41)
15 Isomer Sins Of Freedom (3:33)
16 Isomer Fire Front (4:04)
17 Frozen Faces We Are The Pigs (5:55)
18 Frozen Faces In Order To Confuse (6:01)
19 Atomine Elektrine In-Between Spaces (6:52)
20 Atomine Elektrine Deep Sky Twilight (6:42)
21 Deutsch Nepal Silent Siege (4:05)
22 Deutsch Nepal Tintomara/Thiudinassus (10:54)
23 Brighter Death Now Crimescene Nostalgia (10:05)
24 Brighter Death Now I Wish I Was A Little Girl (7:51)

Awesome live recording of Cold Meat Industry artists with various genres/styles ranging from soothing Ambient to scathing Power Electronics. Any Cold Meat Industry release is well known for its high quality and this is no exception. If your taste in esoteric electronic music is broad and wide (like mine) then this is for you. BTW, there are a lot of projects by both Peter Andersson and Peter Andersson (of Raison d'être and Deutsch Nepal respectively) here. Simply amazing...  [sk@ds]


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