Thursday, May 7, 2009

Manufactura : Sobredosis EP [2003] + Presence:Into The Here And The Now [2005]

2003 | Sobredosis (EP)
01-Muerto De Miedo (Databomb)
02-Die For Me (Converter)
03-Pain Provider (Pneumatic Detach)

2005 | Presence Into The Here And The Now
01-Fragments Of Memories (Open The Dream)
02-Forever Darkness
03-If I Could Only Drown Once More
04-A Killer
05-Sex And Suicide (Leaving Scars)
06-Cocaine Dreams Through Crystal Eyes
08-I Float Alone
09-Fin (The End Of The Heart)
10-I'm The Worst Kind
11-Redemprion (Glis feat. Manufactura)

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